Jingle (hopefully) all the way. It is very good news that the government has refused to relax Sunday trading hours on December 23 - traditionally the busiest shopping day of the season. So ramp up those puds, party pieces and ‘poo (I know fizzy shampoo isn’t a big seller in c-stores, but I at least will be seeking out some Cava that Sunday in my local Londis and I certainly won’t be attempting to join the cram at the supermarket zoo. I hope there are a lot of like-minded souls out there).

2012 had a lot going for it with the bolster of Jubilee, Olympics and Paralympics. It had a lot wrong, too, including the ‘natural’ disasters of droughts and floods.

Here’s to 2013… may it be the calm after all the storms and circuses and give everyone a chance to rebuild and build.