Peter Singh who runs a Key Store in Dreighorn near Kilmarnock rang to add a comment to the various stories I’ve been running over loyalty schemes and promised rewards.

He says he’s been throwing Diageo reps out for 25 years because they didn’t honour a promise of £200+ for taking part in a Smirnoff promotion. The promotion was to cut out the bar code from the outer and for every two bar codes you got a fiver.

“I’m a bugger for holding grudges,” he says.

And guess what? He adds: “They’ve now given me £240 of Smirnoff vodka! I got it yesterday.”

Cheers Peter!

Back in the 24 February issue I reported that I had failed to get money back for two retailers from two tobacco companies. Kirit Ved (Ved News, North London) believed he was due £100 from a Philip Morris promotion and Manjit Gill (Haydon Stores, Wimbledon) had been promised £254 from BAT for taking part in the company’s More scheme.

But, in a pure coincidence, both retailers got back in touch with me on the very same day to say that the companies had coughed up. I’m very happy to reunite the pair again in this column.