Kirit Ved runs Ved News in London’s Stoke Newington. From this information you will have correctly surmised that he is a newsagent. You would think that, since he has actually taken out a subscription to The Daily Telegraph for the last five years for his wife (who likes to do the crossword, upstairs), that he is a customer in more ways than one.

But he doesn’t qualify for The Daily Telegraph’s voucher scheme. “I pay a year in advance and some of my customers pay quarterly and get a better deal than I do. The Telegraph says ‘you can’t get the vouchers, it’s in the terms and conditions’.”

He takes £4K quarterly in vouchers offered by various newspaper titles. And he points out that he could just take a copy upstairs and send it back with the returns when the missus has finished with it (don’t imagine they would check the crossword page) but he says that would be morally wrong.