In the 13 March issue I recounted the story of a retailer who hadn’t realised she had to return her unsold Scratchcards to Camelot (because the rep had always picked them up) and was about to be charged £300 for them.

I contacted Camelot, which explained its returns policy – a black bag is sent out twice a year – which the retailer in this case had not received. Camelot agreed to send another black bag pronto and the charge was waived as a one-off goodwill gesture.

Following the appearance of this story two more retailers got in touch about their experiences. Sailesh Sedani (The Front Page) and Bela Patel (MR & BM Patel), both in South London, also didn’t receive those black bags. Bela, who thought the games were still live, faced losing £250, and Sailesh, who says it is difficult to keep track with so many games on the go, was facing a loss of £150.

I passed these two cases on to Camelot and it appears that the lottery company is happy to make a couple more one-off goodwill gestures (perhaps one per retailer = A Good Thing).

I appreciate the huge amount of admin Camelot processes while managing its vast estate of agents…but did something go wrong with that last July posting of black bags to retailers who were meant to return their unsold Scratchcards early this year?

Only asking.