Asif Mahmood has taken Camelot to task over its approach to ticket misprints. Asif, who runs a One Stop in Fife, gave a customer a free ticket because his got jammed in the machine. He sent the crumpled-up receipt to get reimbursed.

Camelot wrote back that the proper procedure is that the player should send the ticket to its Prize Payout Department. It also said that Asif would not be reimbursed.

I asked Camelot for a comment and here it is: “While Mr Mahmood did provide excellent customer service, our standard process is that retailers should report any ticket misprints with us via the retailer hotline. We would then advise the retailer of the correct next steps.

“In this case, it would’ve been asking the player to send the misprinted ticket to Camelot to claim any prizes. As it stands, both the original (misprinted) ticket and the new ticket that Mr Mahmood printed are ‘live’ tickets eligible to win, so both must be paid for.”

Asif doesn’t particularly want his money back, but thinks it is bad form. He says: “We went out of our way for customer relationship. It’s the principle.”