Harjinder Singh, who trades as Universal Wine at Romford in Essex, wanted to know if he needed a licence if he sold booze in wholesale quantities only.
Full marks to him for remembering the way it was before last November when, if you sold a minimum of three cases of beer and/or two of wine, you didn't need a justices' licence.
However, this anomaly has been swept away by the new regime.
Chris Mitchener, licensing specialist for Lockett & Co, explains: "The act is clear that if you are providing alcohol to an end user, then you need a licence. It is only if you are providing it as a wholesaler either to a retailer or caterer that you don't need a licence."
So, just to be perfectly clear on this one, if you sell it to someone who is going to drink the stuff, you must have an alcohol licence. There are no exceptions whatsoever.