April and May would appear to have swapped places this year. The very warm April sunshine must have persuaded quite a few retailers to up their orders for water and ice cream. Then along came miserable May. However, the boffins say we are in
for another extraordinarily dry and hot summer. So any stocks you are so far stuck with will soon turn into liquid gold.
And my 'insider' knowledge (woo, I don't get this very often) informs me that demand for bottled water will more than double (60%) when temperatures rise above 24°C compared with a rise of only 34% for other soft drinks.
Water is a much-in-demand commodity for obvious reasons (life, for example) and, as a product, it is a rising success. Sales of bottled water rose by 5.8% last year to more than 2.2 billion litres and to an overall value of £1.68bn (up 7.4%).
The information office dedicated to promoting the stuff is urging retailers to stock up. But I seem to recall in the past that independents have tried in vain to get their hands on such commodities when the temperatures - and sales - soar.