That was the difficult question posed by Gurdev Singh from Newcastle. Customers to his Linskill Store were trying to pay for everything with cards rather than cash. When he rang me he had just had a customer paying his council tax (£496) and insisting on using a card which he had to put through the terminal three times (because transactions are capped).

I knew PP always have recommended taking cash for transactions but the times they are a’changing and it’s getting very hard for retailers to insist. Some have told me that, even those who get cashback or draw from the ATM, still want to pay by card. And cards cost in terms of bank charges.

In view of PP’s notoriously low commission rates, could they help in any way?

When I put this to PP they offered to to take it up with Gurdev directly (and I gather they have agreed to reduce the card transaction fee which should save Gurdev between £25-35 a month).

As Gurdev commented at the news: “It’s something and something is better than nothing.” will be interviewing PayPoint CEO Nick Wiles in the coming weeks. If you have any questions you would like us to put to PP, email them either to or