Message for Tesco, Church Langley in Essex, newspaper tote box number 238413: Your magazine returns and recall notes for March 28 never made it back to the depot.

Well, actually they did go back to Smiths News at Boreham Wood, but only as a detour as they then got bundled up with Kishan Patel’s supplies and delivered to his tote box at Barnet Convenience Store in North London’s Barnet.

He rang Smiths, told them what had happened and asked to speak to a manager. He was told that someone would ring back, but so far, four days later, no one has.

I doubt whether Tesco will have much trouble getting its fiver back (two now out-of-date BBC publications at £2.50 each) unlike Kishan when he was short-delivered a couple of times and no one would accept it at Smiths because all deliveries are weighed and he apparently got the correct weight.

I wonder about Kishan’s delivery this time. It was surely well overweight.•