Do the new notes dispense okay through your ATM? They are not dispensing well through Taranjeet Singh’s machine. He says: “It’s problem with both the new 10s and 20s and we have been reporting this issue to them for the last six months.”

The ‘them’ is Cardtronics with whom he still has a couple of years to go on his contract. He complains that the machine is always breaking down. He thinks this is because they are using an outdated operating system. “They are not accepting their liability.”

He enquired about leaving the contract: something that would probably be pricey to do.

I put his points to Cardtronics but the response was feeble to say the least. A spokesperson said:Please ask Mr Singh to contact the Customer Services team. They will help to address the issue.”

Taranjeet has done this on many occasions but nothing is being done to put it right.