It’s never easy taking on the establishment, but that’s just what Subhash Varambhia is doing. He first took on Leicestershire Police for their handling of a complaint he placed against one particular inspector.

The background: many will remember the shocking story I featured last year about a lorry ploughing into Subhash’s store (Snutch News) as a result of a police chase, leaving two dead on the doorway and putting the shop into intensive care. There were follow-up stories owing to various supplier actions and reactions.

At the time, when the family rushed out to see the damage, Subhash says he was sworn at (in very fruity language) and manhandled by one inspector. He got a record of both his name and number as there were dozens of police in attendance.

But when he officially complained he got a letter telling him that it was not upheld - although it included an apology offered by the inspector and two other officers. As this was inaccurate, and he wanted to point out that neither of the police constables named had been implicated, he wrote to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It merely endorsed the police version.

This type of complacency is a bit of a red rag to a bull in Subhash’s case. Now he has written to Liz Kendall, his MP, including footage from his CCTV showing the clash and quoting his two witnesses (a teacher and a doctor) and asking for the record to be put straight. You have to admire his tenacity.

I wouldn’t normally recommend this but a no win-no fee case might focus Leicestershire’s finest.