Mohammed Asif writes from Teem Spirits in Reddish, Stockport: "Having a small stockroom and no outside room for a large bin we have always taken our cardboard waste to the local waste depot.

"It used to cost us about £10 a week. Now the waste disposal company has set a minimum level of half-a-tonne, which means we have to pay a minimum of £55 for each visit to the site, regardless of the weight of the rubbish.

"I don't know whether this is happening all over England or just here. It is another extra cost and an inconvenience trying to store as much rubbish as possible to reduce the cost."

Mohammed had heard that baling machines could be helpful, but asks: "Is there anybody else out there that has any advice or ideas regarding this matter?"

Over to you, readers. I'm sure your answers won't be rubbish.