Customers should know their place - and it isn't on your landing. John O'Hara and his wife live over their Spar store in Banbury and were upstairs having lunch when they heard someone on the stairs.
"A woman said she was looking for the toilet," says John. "I told her to get out. She replied 'I'm pregnant', so I escorted her downstairs, where
a couple of blokes were waiting."
John has since spent £40 on a very secure mechanical lock and another £40 to have it fitted. You need a three-digit code to open it. And here's a practical tip from him to anyone else buying such locks. "Always press the clear key first before putting the code in, just in case anybody has had a go at it which would queer the sequence. Wherever you get it, B&Q or a key fitter, they don't tell you this so you only find out through experience."