Nigel Dowdney has sent me a state-of-play regarding his sad saga with Santander (C-Store, July 20). I had suggested that he take the bank to the small claims court when they failed to credit two cheques.

He writes: “29th June: letter sent to Santander explaining our complaint and laying down our course of action if no response received. 26th July: proceedings issued in small claims court, £41.99 for missing cheques, £25 for our time, £25 cost of proceedings. 26th July: complaint made to financial ombudsman.”

A few days later £69.99 was credited to his account, but without any notification. At the beginning of August Nigel received an acknowledgement of complaint from the Ombudsman, but was told that any investigation would be likely to take at least eight weeks due to a ‘high number of enquiries’.

Then he got a blank court response pack from Santander. Again no note, no acknowledgement.

The court, when asked, advised Nigel to ask for a judgement regarding the unpaid court costs.

Finally, a call from Santander on August 31 prompted by the Ombudsman! The “nice lady” who spoke to Nigel knew none of the details, but on hearing the whole sorry tale agreed the following: an immediate full written apology full payment of the outstanding court fees and the transfer of a further £75 immediately into his account as compensation.

Says Nigel: “A result!”

But he adds that he is leaving the complaint with the Financial Ombudsman to see what their ‘take’ on the whole matter is. And although the store (Earlham Shopper, Norwich) doesn’t actually accept many cheques, Nigel now takes the precaution of photocopying those that cross the counter.