Asking all newsagents - do you have problems getting credits from Smiths News for short delivery of papers? I ask on behalf of Nailesh Gokani, who runs Spar Empire Garages in North London’s Enfield.

He says: “The procedure is that, when you get the delivery you check it and any shortages must be reported by phone to an 0845 number (not free and expensive if called from a mobile). You get a claim reference number so you assume that a credit will be issued as your complaint has been logged. (Rarely you would get the shortages delivered later that same morning). The next day’s delivery note shows the previous day’s shortage as credited but then re-charged even if the re-delivery has not been made. So again you file a claim on the 0845 number, costing more money and wasting time during the early busy period.”

And this is not a rare occurrence for him. “I have encountered this problem three times in the past two weeks alone.”

He has complained several times and was promised that a quality controller would be assigned to oversee the bundling. It hasn’t worked.

I have referred Nailesh to Dorothy King who, on behalf of the Press Distribution Forum, frequently gets good results for retailers whom she guides through the official complaints process.

But meanwhile he asks: “I wonder if my situation is rare, or do other retailers have the same issues with Smiths News Borehamwood or Smiths News nationwide?”