Rupesh Adatia, who runs Rathbone News, decided he was an ideal candidate for a couple of Post Office counters. He writes: “I am in central London near Tottenham Court Road, off Oxford Street. About a year ago a Post Office in the next street from me closed and I picked up a lot of posting business.”

He explains that he does Royal Mail posting, but through a third party, and commissions are not great. And, of course, he cannot provide all the services that a Post Office does.

He says he registered his interest on the PO’s website, but had not had a reply.

“Also, the next closest Post Office near me is also going to close soon so I am going to be even busier.”

He asked me if I could get someone to summon up some interest in his application. I contacted the Post Office (same day delivery, me!) to ask what would be the best way of applying and a spokeswoman said someone would contact Rupesh.

She added: “Readers interested in running a Post Office should visit to look for opportunities in their area. Retailers who have a general enquiry about taking on a Post Office can find additional information on that website, or can call 0345 611 2970.”