Jagdish Radia bought his store, Arcade News in Uxbridge, a year ago and had ADT alarms installed. Due to family illness he is now selling up. The guy buying the store is happy to take on the whole shebang - alarms, Camelot, PayPoint, and so on - so Jagdish rang ADT to have the service transferred. He was told that it would cost £800 to cancel and then it could be transferred. Unsatisfied, he rang an ADT supervisor, who immediately offered him a 50% reduction. But Jagdish reasoned that none of the other services were charging to transfer (although he says he could understand an admin fee). The supervisor apparently then said well, if you want to negotiate further, you will need to talk to ADT’s insolvency department.

I contacted the company and this is ADT’s official response: “While our customer contract terms preclude us from being able to discuss the specific security details of our customers, we would like to offer our reassurances that Mr Radia’s case is being looked into. We are working directly with Mr Radia to reach a resolution as quickly as possible.

“We are committed to acting in a fair and ethical manner, ensuring our commercial terms are in line with the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and our Consumer Agreements are clear and unambiguously defined. ADT has robust procedures in place for providing the best customer experience to ensure they always feel reassured that we are dedicated to helping protect what means most to them.”

But the company sent a separate email to Jagdish saying that, under the circumstances, it would be waiving the fee in this instance.

Does this mean that anybody else selling their store and transferring their ADT gubbins will have to pay a cancellation fee? I am none the wiser.