When Lesley Brown read my piece on Paul Sheldon’s difficulty in getting a chiller delivered to the edge of Exmoor, she wrote to suggest he tried a more local company called KJ Refrigeration.

Lesley, of Frankmarsh Stores, Barnstaple, in Devon, said: “In the spring I wanted to revamp my range of soft drinks and in doing so decided my Coca-Cola-owned chiller did not offer me the flexibility to do this, so I made arrangements to have it uplifted. My store entrance is tight and it took a month of frustrating calls and pulling my hair out to get Coca-Cola to actual uplift in this time. I had taken my front door off three times and part of my front railings to make it easier. You can only imagine the disruption to the business. Customers were talking about having a sweepstake on when they would turn up.”

She adds: “While this was going on I had ordered my new drinks chiller from KJ Refrigeration, who came out and measured up and assured me they could manage my access issues. Delivery day came, along with five burly workers who within an hour had delivered and installed the large chiller. I would thoroughly recommend this company.”