Some promotions are pretty irresistible. Mick Luff went to a Bestway Cash and Carry branch in South London’s Lewisham in April and spotted a Diageo offer: buy 15 cases of cans of G&T mixers and get a free fridge.

Mick thought this would go down well in his Chinbrook Off Licence in Grove Park. “So I went for it.” he says. “Filled out all the paperwork. Had a corner of the shop where it would just fit.”

When the cooler didn’t arrive he chased it up. He finally got a name to contact and spoke three times to a very friendly bloke who each time told him it would arrive within 10 working days.

He contacted me on August 14 and I asked him when he had last been told “10 working days”.

“That was about a month ago,” he said, “just nothing seems to be happening.”

He had also quizzed Bestway which said that it had been a very successful promotion that had worked well for everyone else.

I got onto Diageo’s very efficient press office and within four days the chiller had arrived. The company confirmed that more than 200 chiller units had been successfully delivered during the promotion at Bestway’s. The deal came with a three-year warranty so no wonder it was popular.

No-one can quite work out why Mick was the only one to suffer delays but now everyone is happy, especially Mick. “It’s a tall cooler with six shelves and it fits perfectly in the corner.”