A brave c-store owner from South London fought off a pistol-wielding robber by bashing him over the head with his mug.
Ken Gangadeen was working in his News & Booze store when two teenagers burst in and put the gun to a sales assistant’s head, while demanding money from the store’s till.
Ken grabbed his china mug and brought it down on a raider’s head, while the member of staff wrestled with the other robber.
The two attackers ran away without a penny.

A Welsh store assistant was held at knifepoint during a lunchtime robbery.
The 47-year-old female member of staff was working in the Smile Store in Cardiff Bay when a youth pointed the seven-inch blade at her, demanding money.
The robber helped himself to almost £300 in cash. He then fled leaving the woman shaken but unhurt.

A village post office and store in Yorkshire was so badly damaged by ram raiders it had to close for 10 days.
A huge hole was left in a side wall of Lepton Post Office and Store in Lepton, near Huddersfield.
According to police, the raiders had been targeting the store’s safe but fled empty-handed when the impact woke neighbours. Three men were later arrested.

Convenience stores in east Lancashire are employing security guards to combat a rise in local youth gangs.
Managers of c-stores in Burnley and Bacup are fed up with staff being abused and threatened on a daily basis.
Karen Lee, manageress of the Spar store in Burnley Road, said the move was regrettable but necessary.
She said: “It’s got so bad that staff were being reduced to tears because of the abuse.”