The Co-operative Group is to phase out the sale of traditional light bulbs and instead offer an improved range of energy-efficient alternatives.
The new fluorescent bulbs will be offered at a reduced price differential with an accompanying customer awareness campaign.
The society intends to stop selling tungsten filament light bulbs at 50 pilot stores in the autumn, with a view to removing them from all its stores at a later date.
Co-operative Group chief executive Martin Beaumont said: "Energy- saving light bulbs use 75% less energy, last up to 12 times longer than traditional light bulbs and can reduce electricity bills by £9 per bulb a year, or £100 over the bulb's lifetime."
He added that the group had set itself the target of reducing the energy consumption at its premises by 25% within the next five years.
Laura Yates, climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace, said: " We strongly welcome moves to remove incandescent light bulbs from shelves and hope that this can be achieved across all stores without delay."