Shoppers appreciate the smaller ranges available in convenience stores as it helps them to avoid temptation and stick to a budget, a new survey reveals.

Although 83% of shoppers expected to pay more for goods in convenience stores, 46% preferred to use them rather than the supermarkets in order to control their spending, says shopper behaviour research agency Shoppercentric, which conducted more than 1,000 interviews for its Windows on Convenience Shopping report.

It also found that 60% of shoppers said they were deliberately using cash in convenience stores so that they could keep a close eye on their expenditure.

C-stores predictably scored higher that their multiple rivals in personality and community feel. "While 32% consider the Tesco/Sainsbury's convenience store near to their home to be friendly, a significantly higher 46% associate friendliness with convenience symbol groups," said Danielle Pinnington, md of Shoppercentric. "Likewise, just 11% consider the Tesco/Sainsbury's model to project a community feel, compared with more than double (28%) for their convenience multiple rivals."

She added: "At present shoppers seem to have to choose between slick professionalism and the more personal touch in the convenience stores they visit. Why can't they expect both?"