A new retailer-backed scheme which explains the many dangers of purchasing illicit tobacco is to reach thousands of adult smokers.

The Tobacco Retailers Alliance's (TRA) 'Don't Be Tempted' scheme will launch in London, where adverts highlighting the risks of smoking unregulated products will be beamed onto media screens in and around the capital's busiest railway stations common haunts for illicit tobacco traders.

The adverts feature stark warnings such as "counterfeit cigarettes contain sawdust, rat droppings and beetles" and "buying tobacco from street sellers is against the law".

Using eye-catching media screens in prominent positions extends the reach of the anti-illicit trade message further than ever before, North London retailer and TRA London spokesman Mahendra Jadeja said.

"Previously we have given our members posters to display, but with this scheme we can beam adverts to busy locations where they will be seen by thousands of commuters each day."

The adverts will also appear on selected retailers' in-store media screens as well as on the outside of kiosks.

The 'Don't Be Tempted' campaign will be rolled out to other locations later in the year.