Sales at independent retailer Dean Holborn’s Nutfield store in Surrey have climbed 13% year on year following an extensive mission-based refurbishment.

The refit and construction work took three weeks to complete in August and includes new fittings, flooring and lighting. The total cost of the refit was about £80,000.

Alcohol sales at the 1,000sq ft P&H-supplied store are up 46%, after a 40% increase in range, and crisps and snacks 54%.

The business continued to trade throughout the refit, with Dean and his team serving the community via a temporary store established in the stockroom.

Dean has also invested in a number of energy-efficient additions including low-energy LED lighting and energy- efficient refrigeration. Despite an increase in refrigeration, the store’s first monthly energy bill was £150 cheaper than prior to the refit.

Tobacco products have been moved to draws under the counter, while premium wines have been introduced behind the counter. A new range of frozen Love ready meals are doing “phenomenally well”, and Dean has also introduced a new range of locally-produced chilled pre-packed meat.