An Oxford c-store owner has raised nearly £2,000 to help rebuild his family’s village in Pakistan, only days after hearing that 14 of his relatives had been killed in the Asian earthquake.

Abdul Qadeer, who runs Tahmid Stores in Cowley Road, Oxford, was relieved to find out that his wife and two children had survived the disaster in the Bagh province of Kashmir, but they are now living in appalling conditions.

To help them and other victims, Abdul has been raising money through donations from customers and friends to fund food, medicine and shelter. So far he has raised £1,900, which is being sent to relatives who are distributing funds directly to those most affected by the earthquake.

Abdul said: “Lots of people are offering their support and helping me. I feel that if I was there I could have helped them, but now all I can do is pray for them all and continue to send funds to help rebuild the village.”

* In response to the call for help from charity UNICEF for victims of the earthquake, Costcutter has donated £40,000-worth of aid.

The company is sending a full trunker of products, including medical supplies, baby food and water.