The Ava strawberry variety is grown by Scottish family growers Angus Soft Fruits, which has spent the last five years perfecting the fruit. Ava is noted for its tasty and fruity berries and perfumed fragrance, and it is the only strawberry variety to retain white, confetti-like petals.

It’s named after Israeli breeder Ava, who grew 120,000 seedlings from which the company made its final selection.

Ava strawberries are available from May to October but Angus Soft Fruits aims to extend production of Ava to southern Europe to give retailers a 12-month supply.

Strawberries have been popular since the Romans cultivated them as early as 200 BC and in the Middle Ages they were famed for their aphrodisiac qualities.

To enjoy Ava strawberries at their best, eat them as soon as possible after purchase. If they’re not going to be eaten straight away, keep them in the fridge and remove them an hour before eating to bring them up to room temperature and their optimum flavour.