A non-toxic and eco-friendly firelighter used by British soldiers is making its debut in UK stores, in time for this year’s BBQ season.

Fire Dragon Group Range

Created by Cardiff-based survival equipment manufacturer BCB International Ltd, Fire Dragon firelighters claim to be the world’s first solid bio-ethanol fuel.

The range includes solid and gel variants and is designed for shoppers who are looking for a greener, cleaner and safer alternative to traditional firelighters.

BCB International’s managing director Andrew Howell said: “Our Fire Dragon fuel delivers an excellent performance. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, all-weather, provides a quick clean burn and can double as an anti-bacterial hand cleanser. It is supplied in attractive and easy to use packs and pouches.

“Earlier this year, the UK Government published its Clean Air Strategy which outlined a number of measures it will take to clean up our air including the introduction of new legislation to prohibit the sale of the most polluting fuels.

He added: “We are encouraging retailers and shoppers alike to take a long hard look at traditional firelighters and a second look at cleaner and safer alternatives like our Fire Dragon fuel.”

Price List

Solid Fuel Pouch (rrp £1.99 / pack of six)

Solid Fuel Pouch (rrp £3.79 / pack of 12)

Fuel Gel Squeeze Pouch (rrp £1.79 / 200g)

Fuel Gel Squeeze Pouch (rrp £4.99 / 1ltr)

Mini Folding Cooker (rrp £1.99)