Moy Park has developed the first roast-in-the-bag chicken product, available in two variants.

The new ‘shelf to oven’ whole chicken product has been launched under the Moy Park ‘Good Kitchen’ range. The roast-in-the-bag ‘ready to cook’ whole chickens are locally sourced and come in two flavours, ‘Extra Tasty’ and ‘Garlic & Herb’.

The new range will be available to retailers from May 2015, with an rrp of £5.00.

Briege Finnegan, brand marketing manager at Moy Park, said: “The packaging self-vents and enables the chicken to self-baste throughout the cooking process, which results in more succulent meat and an enhanced flavour. We developed the range to offer consumers a convenient shelf to oven roast in the bag chicken, making it ideal for those who don’t like touching raw meat or don’t have time to prepare a raw chicken from scratch.”