Cadbury Twirl Orange PMP

From October, Twirl Orange will be available in a 60p pricemarked pack (PMP). Twirl Orange was crowned The Retailers’ Favourite Product Launch at The Convenience Awards earlier this month and the bar is Cadbury’s most popular single bar in independents & symbols (Nielsen value sales I&S May 2021). 

Introduced as a limited edition in 2020, Twirl Orange became the number one singles NPD (Nielsen, Singles MAT Value sales 26.12.2020) and one of the fastest selling chocolate bars of that year (ibid). 

Based on popular demand from Twirl fans it was made a permanent addition to the Cadbury portfolio earlier this year. 

Flavour NPDs are a key driver of category growth (Nielsen Total Mkt Inc. Disc, MAT to w/e 28.11.20 [Total STD. Chocolate Excluding Premium]) and orange in particular is proving incredibly popular. Sales of orange standard chocolate have grown by 47% (Nielsen data to w.e. 26.12.20 Total Mkt Inc. Disc – Std. Choc.) - growing faster than standard chocolate sales (+6.9%) – and are worth £25.9m (Nielsen data to w.e. 13.6.20 Total Mkt (Std Choc excl. Premium). Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Buttons and Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange tablet have both recently joined Cadbury Twirl Orange in the Cadbury range.

PMPs are valued by shoppers, to whom they offer reassurance they are not being overcharged, while contributing to an overall positive price perception (HiM Omni-channel January 2018). The perception of improved value, convenience and trust make stocking PMPs a good option for retailers. A fifth of shoppers say they would choose a particular convenience store if they knew it stocked PMP shoppers (ibid).

Cadbury Twirl Orange is aimed at younger adult consumers who are seeking new flavours and experiences from their chocolate choices.

Radhika Pai, brand manager for Cadbury Singles at Mondelēz International, said: “After the incredible response from Twirl fans and retailers, we had to make Cadbury Twirl Orange a permanent line. And now, the combination of Cadbury’s most popular single bar in a price-marked pack is something shoppers won’t be able to ignore. In fact, Cadbury Twirl Orange is already the third best-selling bar in the adults single market (Nielsen EPOS Total Coverage Excluding discounters YTD 24WE 08.08.21). We know shoppers will appreciate the improved value they are getting from buying their favourite bar in a price-marked pack – and the benefits to retailers stocking this.”