Pringles shrinks in size to gain a larger share of the market.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is taking its Pringles brand into the lucrative ‘on the go’ snacking sector with what the company claims is its biggest ever product launch - Mini Pringles. The launch will mean that the brand now targets all snacking occasions: sharing, on the go and lunchtime.

Mini Pringles are smaller versions of Pringles standard, available in a smaller pack size with 20% less fat (30g per 100g) than their standard counterparts. Their advantage lies both in being an extension of a strong brand in a category which shows good brand loyalty, and being a size which gives consumers the option of portion control for themselves and their children. Available in single-serve and multipacks, Minis should appeal across the snacking sector from adults indulging in an ‘eat now’ impulse buy to parents looking for a lunchbox treat.

P&G has high expectations for Mini Pringles, claiming that they are likely to rival the phenomenal first-year performance of Walkers Sensations.

P&G trade marketing manager Paul Lettice says the company is particularly excited about this launch because the single serve category is showing such healthy growth.

“The expectation is that the single-serve market will continue to grow as it has over the past few months. The category is responsive to new product development.”

He continues: “P&G is confident that it has developed a winning formula to meet every snacking occasion. Mini Pringles excelled in consumer testing - an impressive 82% of consumers said they will purchase the new Mini Pringles upon launch.”

Mini Pringles will be available in original, sour cream & onion and salt & vinegar varieties, as single packs with a rrp of 29p; single and mixed variant five-packs at £1.18; and single and mixed variant 10-packs at £2.09.
Point of sale will be available to retailers along with semi-permanent stands.

Mini Pringles will be launched on September 12 and backed by a £2m marketing campaign, which will encompass TV and radio, running from October.
Lettice says that the convenience sector will benefit from the launch because: “Mini Pringles will take the brand into the total crisps and snacks category. They will offer a huge opportunity for retailers to increase sales and profit.

“Mini Pringles offer a great opportunity to profit from ‘on the go’ snacking occasions.

“Pringles is known for its originality and fresh ideas and this is an example of the brand’s continuing commitment to developing the snacks market.”