Mentos is investing £1.6m in its biggest campaign of the year, which will see the brand launch new limited edition products aimed at bringing people together with compliments.

Building on the success of last year’s Mentos Say Hello campaign, Complimentos will see every single pack of Mentos feature a light-hearted compliment for sharing.

The comments include “You are the one I CHEWS” and “You and I are MINT to be”. Mentos’ new look will be available on fruit, mint and rainbow flavoured packs for three months from July until September.

In support of the on-pack activity, Mentos is launching adverts featuring stars from ITV reality show Love Island (See video below).

Out-of-home media, experiential pop-ups and sampling will also drive consumers into stores. Retailers will have access to special POS to help them signpost the limited edition Mentos on shelf.

Sarah Elmer, brand manager for Mentos, said: “Mentos Say Hello was such a great success for us and with Complimentos we’re hoping to go even bigger and better. We’re sure the fun compliments we’ve printed on our limited edition Mentos packs and the corresponding above and below the line campaign will be a real conversation starter. It’s ideal for creating theatre in store, giving retailers an extra reason to interact with their customers.

“The adult singles market is under pressure, particularly within mints, so we’re aiming to inject some excitement in order to increase visibility and drive growth for this part of the category.”

The limited edition Mentos will be available to convenience stores next month in cases of 40, with an rrp of 60p per pack.