Kellogg’s is enhancing its recipes and reformulating its existing line-up of ’better for you’ snacks to offer consumers a better range of single serve products.

The ’better for you’ range, including Special K, Special K Protein, Nutri-Grain, Cereal and Milk bars and Nuts and More, is designed to support retailers by meeting the needs of shoppers looking for more nutritious on-the-go products than those found in the confectionery aisle.

As part of this strategy, Kellogg’s is relaunching its Nutri-Grain brand this September as a wholesome snack to grab on the go. The bars now contain seven ingredients instead of 17 and will feature rebranded packaging to showcase its improved flavour.

The Nutri-Grain range also contains six B vitamins, calcium and iron as well as fibre and wholegrain (rrp 55p / 49p PMP).

Kellogg’s has also reformulated its Cereal and Milk bars to contain less than 100 calories and provide a source of vitamin D (rrp 40p).

The fruit content in Special K’s core snack range has also been increased from 5% to 30% and the size of its bars has been increased from 21.5g to 27g (rrp 55p).

Earlier this year, Kellogg’s added Special K Protein to its bar line-up, targeted at consumers looking for snacks to keep them fuelled throughout the day (rrp 89p).

Chris Bates, Kellogg’s impulse sales director, said: “Better For You Snacking continues to be a category that evolves and grows as shoppers’ seek alternatives to traditional confectionary.

“Whether it’s refuelling on the go or an afternoon treat, every shopper wants their snack to fill a different purpose - without compromising on health benefits or taste.

“The single serve snacking category is integral to the Impulse channel, which is why we continuously improve our Better for You range. It’s our goal to make sure it meets evolving consumer needs – that way retailers can feel confident they’re setup for successful impulse sales as consumer tastes change.”