Hunter & Gather is appealing to those following a keto or paleo diet with the launch of 100% pure bovine collagen hydrolysate peptides in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Hunter & Gather 100% Pure Bovine Collagen

Collagen supplements have proved popular in North America and Hunter & Gather wants to drive growth in the UK market outside of independent health stores and niche wholesalers.

Hunter & Gather co-founder Amy Moring said: “Almonds, eggs, broccoli albeit delicious aren’t the only answer when it comes to bolstering protein reserves. In our opinion, collagen peptides are yet another example of ‘young heads on old shoulders thinking’ with ‘healthier living’ consumers once again looking to their ancestors (paleo) for handy lifestyle tips.

“Collagen is the most abundant protein within the human body, the essential glue that holds everything together. In times gone by our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have consumed the whole animal (offal, bone broths etc.), a long lost habit in an age where convenience and meticulously prepared meats now rule the roost.”

Hunter & Gather’s 100% pure bovine collagen comes in 400g packs (rrp £19.95) and is available to convenience retailers via Diverse, Tree of Life, CLF and The Health Store.