Cadbury Roses has unveiled a new packaging design and addition to the range in celebration of the brand’s 77-year history.

The updated carton shape includes a new lid for easier sharing and the ‘Thank you’ messaging has also made a reappearance.

The chocolate wrappers have also been redesigned with a new ‘flow wrap’ to stop chocolates from becoming unwrapped in the box - the number one customer complaint about Cadbury Roses in 2014.

The wrappers have also been given a more modern look.

The new boxes will also contain a new addition to the range - Almond Caramel Bite.

Cadbury marketing manager Benazir Barlet-Batada said: “The new Cadbury Roses design is in direct response to consumer demand, and accompanied by the delicious new Almond Caramel Bite, we’re confident the changes will be incredibly well received.”