Shaker Cup visual group LARGE sweets

The new Bonds of London pre-packed shaker cups have a re-sealable lid for portion control and target the sharing and gifting markets.

Comprising Fizzy and Fruity, Vimto and American Pick and Mix, the range includes:

· Cherries & berries with fizzy and fruity jellies and fluffy mallows (small 250g rrp £2 each / large 300g rrp £3 each or two for £5).

· Candy Bliss with strawberry bites, snowy hearts and mallow poles (small 235g rrp £2 each / large 295g rrp £3 each or two for £5).

· Rainforest Mix with tropical fruity jellies and mallow beasties (small 260g rrp £2 each / large 330g rrp £3 each or two for £5).

· Rainbow Vibes with colourful jelly hearts, rainbow pencils and mallows (small 260g rrp £2 / large 325g rrp £3 or two for £5).

· Vimto Branded Cups with Vimto juicy remix treats, Vimto fizzy mallows and topped with Vimto Flying saucers (195g rrp £3)

· American with Mini Nerds, Sweetarts, Laffy Taffy, Dum Dums, Tootsie Roll, Warheads, Mini Burger, Mini Fries, Mini Hotdog and Mini Pizza (195g rrp £3).

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