Birkentree Birch water

Birkentree has launched a new age whisky accompaniment made from birch water.

Billed as an alternative to water as a whisky accompaniment, Birkentree’s composition is designed to naturally complements single malts.

Birkentree Highland Birchwater is priced at RRP £5.95 per 100ml.

Co-founder of Birkentree Highland Birchwater Rob Clamp said: “Bringing Birkentree to life has been an exciting journey. We have always believed that birch water is truly unique and had the potential to become a natural companion for whisky. We know that whisky drinkers, whether that’s single malt enthusiasts or people trying their first dram, will love Birkentree from the very first sip.”

Whisky expert Max McFarlane, who taste-tested Birkentree with a range of single malts, said: “Birch water is extraordinary. This precious liquid comes together to impart a luxurious smoothness; elevating the experience that drinking single malt whisky brings. Birkentree will open up the conversation about the at-home drinking experience. Shaping how we guide new and existing drinkers on how to enjoy a dram in a fresh and exciting way.”