Cuisine de France has added a handheld breakfast snack to its Pierre’s range. The Breakfast Bar aims to give consumers the flavour of a full English breakfast so it includes sausages, scrambled egg, tomatoes and bacon pieces in puff pastry. Also launched is Sausage & Egg Brekkie Pops – sausage and egg in a pizza dough pocket.

TEL: 0845 772 233

BakeMark UK has added two filled Spicy Naans to its Bon Vivant snacks range.They are available with chicken curry and vegetable & chickpea fillings. The Spicy Naans come in frozen cases of 30 and need baking for around 18 minutes. They can be kept in a hot cabinet for up to an hour.

TEL: 0151 343 1600

Snack in a Box Mini Bakery from Mono produces a range of savoury, bread and confectionery snacks.
Other facilities include storage, refrigeration and a convection oven.The unit takes up 7.5m of space including the servery. A Mini Beverage station is also available.

TEL: 01792 564003

BakeHouse has introduced a new Gold ciabatta made using an authentic seven-day process. Available in plain or herb, the ciabatta uses extra virgin olive oil for taste and texture.

Each 250g loaf bakes off in just 12 minutes.
RRP: 99p TEL: 0800 234034

Country Choice has introduced a range of baguettes, half baguettes and sandwich baguettes. The half baguette features a flat bottom, making it easier to handle as it doesn’t rock when cut. The bread has an eggshell crust and white crumb open texture.

TEL: 0800 521 366

Retailer Paul Cottingham of Cottingham’s of Hove, East Sussex has always been ‘big on bread’. His customers expect a good standard of freshly baked bread to be available and often rush to stock up for that Sunday breakfast of croissants and orange juice.

Other handy custom comes from the many restaurants in the area, which have been known to buy up to 20 baguettes at a time. With six deliveries a week the bread market is clearly a priority for Paul.

“We’ve had a bake-off here for more than 15 years now,” he explains. “Right from day one we’ve always been big on selling bread. We buy in frozen and then offer a complete range of sticks and loaves.

“Morning goods are great sellers. A typical Sunday morning buy would be a newspaper, croissants and some orange juice.

“We sell loads of croissants and pain au chocolat pastries. It’s usual for us to sell around 300-400 croissants on a Sunday morning. The category is fundamental to us.”

Deals such as ‘two croissants for £1’ mean people often buy them by the bagful. With the bakery accounting for around 7-9% of the entire turnover and sometimes as much as 10% on Sundays, it’s hard to overestimate the importance of these goods to Cottinghams.

Paul also stocks packaged bread in his aisles but believes this only makes up 25% of the category sales.
“We stock packet bread mainly as a service and because customers expect it to be here.”

The current barbecue season is a real opportunity for Paul. “Barbecues often mean customers switch to buying larger baguettes or rolls. It’s a chance for us to get people to trade up to what’s fresh and hot.
“Christmas also sees people buying the larger items from the bakery.”

However not everything has sold brilliantly at Cottingham’s over the years.

“We tried selling an olive ciabatta but only sold two or three a day. We need to quantify everything we do. Some things might sell really well in Holland Park but not so well in Hove.”

Paul added: “So many people have bake-offs but they’re not always willing to put the work in. We are – sometimes we’ll still be baking at 7pm on a Sunday.”