Tesco has incurred the wrath of Camden council bosses and local residents by flouting parking rules when delivering to its stores in the London borough.
The chain is collecting parking tickets on an almost daily basis while unloading at stores in Hampstead, Belsize Park and Kentish Town.
The chain always pays the £50 fines promptly while continuing to unload in restricted areas, implying that it regards the penalties as an investment in street parking rather than an occasional error.
Local residents are increasingly complaining about the noise, disruption and traffic congestion caused by the delivery lorries.
"Until Tesco stops paying the penalities, Camden can't take any more action against it," said Hampstead councillor Chris Knight. "It is a multinational and can afford the fines."
A Tesco spokesman admitted: "We do our utmost to abide by parking restrictions, but penalties are sometimes incurred and we just have to accept that."