C-stores have the opportunity to more than double ‘meal for tonight’ sales on Mother’s Day, according to data from HIM research & consulting.

Last year the proportion of shoppers on a meal for tonight mission increased from 5% on a non-event Sunday to 11% on Mother’s Day.

“For panicked last minute shoppers, convenience stores are in the perfect position to take advantage of an increased ‘meal for tonight’ need on and around Mother’s Day,” said Katie Littler, HIM’s communications Director.

“Obviously great availability, inspirational signage and display in the weeks leading up to the event as well as a fresh, well-priced meal solution should be a focus for stores – and remember it’s Dad or the kids that are likely to be cooking so we need to be tapping into the ‘spoonfeeding’ trend.”

This year 72% of the adult population will buy a Mother’s Day gift, new HIM research reveals, while 43% who intend to buy something still hadn’t done so by the end of Wednesday this week.

Separate research from the Co-op found that consumers spend an estimated £260m in the UK on flowers on Mother’s Day - beating other seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day.

The Co-operative Food’s flower buyer, Nicky Proudlock, said: “Flowers were the original Mother’s Day gift, often picked from gardens, and they are still such an effective and affordable way to spoil our mums, and add a touch of spring to any household.

“As a convenience retailer, we ensure that we are stocked up with flowers and gifts each year on Mother’s Day so that nobody need arrive at their mums empty-handed.”

It also revealed that the average spend on Mother’s Day was £46, with people in Newcastle (£70.21) the most generous towards their mothers.