Bestway has launched the biggest promotion for its own-brand Best-in products, which gives consumers 100% extra product with some of its most popular lines.

The promotion, called Best-in-Best For Less, was launched on September 5 and will run until stocks last through all 49 depots in the Bestway group.
Through the promotion, which encompasses 28 Best-in products, including orange juice, canned meats and vegetables, and tomato ketchup, retailers can enjoy a fully funded margin of up to 49%. Free pos is available and product tasting sessions will be available in depots.

Bestway’s group marketing manager Geoff Monk said: “We ran a similar campaign earlier in the year and it was a sell out. We saw a 200% sales increase. It has the stamp of success about it. Everyone is getting the best for less and giving the consumer what they want.”