Weight management specialist New Atkins Nutritional Approach has reformulated its Crispy Milk Chocolate bar.

This follows the brand’s packaging revamp announcement at the beginning of the year. The Atkins Crispy Milk Chocolate Bar (rrp: £1.49) now contains eleven times less sugar than other chocolate bars and the bar is also divided into four breakable pieces so portion sizes can be easily controlled.

Brand manager of Atkins UK, Mia Gambrell, said: “With the dangers of excess sugar consumption leading the news agenda, consumers are increasingly looking for healthier alternatives to high-sugar confectionery snacks.

“We want to make sure we are providing products to cater for individual needs and tastes, which is why we are focusing heavily on new product development.”

A 30g bar contains 1.8g carbohydrates and 1.5g of sugar.

Retailers should contact 0161 761 5533 or email: rhaytack@atkins.com to order products.

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