Chewits will relaunch its ice cream flavoured variant this summer in response to popular demand across the brand’s social media platforms.

Ice cream Chewits is available in multipack formats, while parent brand Cloetta is working with Bobby’s Foods, which will be exclusively selling ice cream single cases to its 20,000 retailers from August 2016.

The relaunch will see ice cream flavoured Chewits (RRP 35p per single pack) join the traditional strawberry, blackcurrant, fruit salad, orange and cola flavours in the confectionery aisle.

Bev Rushbrook, commercial manager at Cloetta UK, said: “Ice cream flavour Chewits consistently tops our favourite flavour polls by our half a million Facebook fans despite it not even being in the range. And recently demand for ice cream Chewits has been so high that we couldn’t ignore it.

“Chewits has a strong and loyal following from both adults and children, and consistently achieves high repeat sales. Nostalgia remains an important emotional driver with older consumers. They remember our iconic adverts and are more likely to pick up a confectionery treat that they remember from their own childhood, either for themselves or for their children or grandchildren.”

The relaunch will be supported by a sampling campaign as Chewits take ‘Chewie, the Chewiesaurus’ on the road to tourist locations across the UK to give out samples of the sweets. Chewits will also run a number of consumer competitions and will be pushing ice cream Chewits on all social media platforms.