A bit more on newspaper wholesalers and whether they have the right to shred copies that you didn't manage to return in time and for which you receive no credit. In other words your property was taken away from you without your permission. One retailer, who shall remain anonymous, said he claims for missing stock if he discovers that he is too late to return some titles. "I only play dirty when my wholesaler does," he told me, "when we've had to pay upfront for stock we don't want, can't sell and don't send back to their deadlines."

I have now had complaints about Menzies, Smiths News and Dawson News, so it is a kind of common practice.

You can still complain via the Industry Standard Service Agreement (ISSA) either by ringing Helen Brockbank, the administrator, for a form or by going online to the JIG website (wwwjointindustrygroup.com) where you can register your complaint.

The system works in three stages. First of all the wholesaler has a chance to mediate, then it goes to Helen Brockbank and a qualified arbitrator for a verdict. Then there is an appeal system.

The problem with ISSA is that it is totally outdated. Amendments have to be agreed among all members and, of course, there is never complete agreement. But you should still register your complaint. If enough people complain