As I write this Jaswinder Singh Dhesi and his wife Sukvinder Kaur are celebrating in Tamworth following a court victory with business transfer agents RTA (which the Daily Mirror’s investigations team says stands for ‘road traffic accident’. Just Google to read all about it).

The couple’s store was on the market with RTA for two years. There was little interest so they took it off the market and are still running the shop. RTA waited seven months and then informed Sukvinder that she was in breach of contract and wanted £12,000.

“It’s in the contract that if the customer doesn’t provide a set of accounts then they are in breach, but RTA never asked us for our accounts,” says Jaswinder. “They dropped the £12K claim to £5K so they could take us to the small claims court.”

The court date was set and the couple requested it be held in their own area, Tamworth, which is their right. I’m very pleased to report that the lady judge said there was no proof that RTA had ever asked for a set of accounts and she queried the company’s seven-month gap before asking for payment.

In short, she threw it out, awarding Mrs Kaur £50 and payment for the couple’s solicitor’s travelling fees.