Michael Green, who runs Green's Newsagents, rang from Scunthorpe to say he had been "stitched up like a kipper" by business transfer agents RTA. 

His store was on the market for several months with no sniffs. He decided to cancel but was told that the withdrawal fee for a period of under a year would be half the commission on the sale price, or £4K.

So he waited the required year and gave notice of 28 days. RTA told him they had placed lots of ads and they were now going to terminate the contract and charge their withdrawal fee of £575 as per the agreement.

He objected, they threatened court action and put it in writing. He then went to his solicitor who pointed out that the contract signs you up for life one way or the other and said Mike should have consulted him before he signed.

Mike made them a final offer: £200 "to get them out of my life". It was accepted. Proves two of the rules check out the contract and negotiate