John Maxwell-Jones of Burgess Stores, Goudhurst, Kent, who has frequently been targeted by the European City Guide (biggest and baddest of the directory scam companies), rang to say that the ECG had been featured on Radio Four's 'You & Yours' programme in early January.

I did hear the piece, but not a lot has changed except that the cooling-off period for people inadvertly signing for what they think is a free listing (actually costing a bomb) has been extended from seven days to 15. The company is still kicking around in Valencia and people are still being misled by the scam.

The programme promoted a website which I haven't mentioned for a while,

The site says it is "implacably opposed to all companies that mail documents that they claim to be legally binding contracts where the document is formulated in such a way as to make it possible that people will sign it in error".