Haribo has unveiled a new seasonal campaign for Easter and is launching limited edition Double Yolker bags of Starmix.

With UK Forest Holidays up for grabs, shoppers have until April to find one of 20 random Double Yolkers that have joined the five regular sweets in packs of Haribo Starmix.

Claire James, trade marketing manager for Haribo, explained: “Hunt the Double Yolker is Haribo’s biggest ever seasonal campaign, developed to drive excitement and sales as we count down to the Easter occasion.

As part of the campaign, Starmix will retain the much-loved pieces that are found in each bag – including the Egg – but 20 packs will also feature a lucky Double Yolker that has been hand-crafted by our team. Those that discover a winning piece will receive a fabulous UK family holiday.”

She added: “Hunt the Double Yolker is simple and fun. It complements our seasonal offering, which caters for those customers looking for a tasty alternative to chocolate and reinforces our association to traditional Easter hunting in a distinctly Haribo way.”

Available in a range of sharing formats,  including £1 PMPs and a 70g bag priced at 50p, the special Double Yolker packs are rolling out to stores from this month.

The ‘Hunt the Double Yolker’ campaign is also being supported by in-store activation and will run until 21 April. Shoppers have until 31 May to claim their prize.