Concerns over Nisa rebates for this quarter have been raised by retailers.

Speaking to, a retailer who wished to remain anonymous claimed that due to Nisa not meeting its over-riders with suppliers, it would not be paying rebates for this quarter, potentially leaving retailers out of pocket. The retailer added that when they sought clarification from Nisa, there was no response and that “nobody is saying anything”.

The store owner said that this would cost the average retailer at least £2,500 for the quarter, with “top retailers normally earning as much as £10,000 per store” and that not paying the rebate, if true, was “unfair as the fault doesn’t lie with retailers”.

In response to the rumours, a Nisa spokesperson said: ”Our Fresh Rewards rebate proposition is built on fairness. Payment of rebates is made on a quarterly basis and therefore partners will be advised at the end of this quarter.”

Nisa has come under fire of late as a combination of the HGV driver shortage that is plaguing the entire sector, and an IT issue in June caused delivery issues for its retailers. During the IT disruption, Derbyshire retailer Paul Sohal claimed the availability issue cost him 20% of his sales that week.

More recently, Nisa retailer Harry Goraya of Rosherville Post Office in Gravesend, said the supply issues have forced him to have to visit a cash and carry more regularly, taking time away from the running of the business.