Vype, the electronic cigarette (e-cig) brand from BAT-owned Nicoventures has hit national TV screens with a new advertising campaign. 

The campaign is designed to inspire adult smokers to see Vype as an alternative to tobacco, and will run across terrestrial and satellite TV after 9pm.

Using the strapline ’experience the breakthrough’  the ads will run from 17 February to 6 April.

Nicoventures head of UK and Ireland Nigel Hardy, said: “The creative for our advertising targets adult smokers who can decide for themselves what it means to ‘experience the breakthrough’. It could be choosing Vype over tobacco, switching to Vype as a better quality of e-cig or the satisfaction of using Vype to reduce dependency on traditional cigarettes.”

An estimated 1.3 million UK adults now use e-cigs, up from 700,000 in 2012. 

Vype is a lightweight e-cig with a realistic soft tip, similar size and feel to conventional cigarettes. Each Vype stick also contains the UK-made Ecopure e-liquid which contains pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.