Getting your staff to buy in to compliance training is something we take incredibly seriously. We have been utilising the e-learning compliance courses that the Southern Co-operative provides for a number of years, including Think 25, health and safety, and food hygiene.

For years the completion rates were about 20%, but two years ago we made a concerted effort to change this. At the outset we brought computers to all stores. This quashed the ‘I don’t have time at home or a computer’ excuses.

We gave store managers responsibility for communicating the importance of compliance with the “what does it mean for me” message key. We then placed accountability on managers and colleagues for completion through their annual appraisal objectives.

E-learning could be completed at quiet times during their shifts along with a “buddy” for those that struggled at the beginning. Some managers held e-learning pizza nights at their homes where colleagues helped each other in a relaxed environment.

In addition, we added an element of competition. We placed ‘scores on the doors’ completion tables on the staff room wall – these went towards our annual store cup competition – and managers also gave recognition cards to colleagues who completed their courses within a set time frame. These went into a draw for £25 in-store vouchers.

The end result? Our stores now stand at 100% compliance, but the key has been changing the culture of completing all refreshes when they come in. The employees are proactive in this now – 
a big leap forward!